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10, Oct 2015

The art of engineering figures - Maquette

The methods and methods of implementation differ, but in the end the goal is one and is to come up with work that matches what is implemented by nature and has several factors that must be taken into account:
[First . Choose the appropriate material that matches the method of implementation and appropriate presentation.
]Secondly . Choose the cutting method and run the material to give the best accuracy.
Third: Choosing a lighting system if it is found in work that is compatible with the work in terms of shape, strength of light, color and distribution as appropriate to the design.

Fourthly . Choose the appropriate natural display elements, such as trees, people, cars, and lighting poles, with the appropriate scale.

The beginning of the use of the art of making figures was with the appearance of the first architectural works in the days of the Pharaohs, and this was recently proven by the finding of mini pyramids in one of the excavations located near the Pyramids area in Giza.
He was not known at this time as anthropomorphic, but he was the main design of the works that are implemented (because there are no tools for designing a tablet, pens, rulers, a triangle, a computer ......... etc. like this era), so reliance on sculptural design was like writing at this time.

Then the profession of stereoscopes began to evolve as quickly as anything around us, it was made with clay (clay), then it developed and made with wood with cutting tools and ordinary mechanization, so the centers of the model industry were nothing but carpentry workshops but with more accurate tools and machines.

With the development of the age and the emergence of a strong competitor to this industry, first hand-worked hand-held binoculars work, and these did not mean the making of figures.
What rocked the throne of this industry was the emergence of photogrammetries using advanced design programs (such as Auto CAD 3D + 3D Max + Maya & Photoshop). This industry would have looked for a place in this rapid development.


The art of engineering figures - Maquette
The art of engineering figures - Maquette
The art of engineering figures - Maquette
The art of engineering figures - Maquette