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About us

3D Life company and convey the thought and creativity of the engineer so that the general public can understand it and help to understand the design in the course of implementation as it appears during the implementation of the model can show and discover any design errors that benefit the designer to modify and output it in the best case. In presenting architectural projects in offices and exhibitions for marketing and advertising, Maquette uses solids, and it is possible to do an initial study of design with initial figures during design, to help the designer avoid any design errors.


Our business specifications:


  • The holographic is executed from white plastic (crystal)
  • All laser cutting & discharging operations using Laser Cat & Engraving & cnc & 3dprint
  • Windows of transparent acrylic with blackout in the same color shown in the perspectives that were sent to us previously with the work of special tubes
  • The water bodies are executed with show elements that give the natural impression and make their own lighting
  • The blocks shall be painted with the color indicated and attached in the perspectives by plastic, using the method of spraying
  • Natural and industrial display elements (trees, palms, green spaces, cars, columns, people ............ etc.) are of the finest imported and local species.
  • Also, 100% realistic, luminous, imported cars are available.
  • The base of beech wood with a classic ornament, Astor dark brown paint and matt varnish, according to industry norms.
  • We implement stainless steel stand with a moving height of 80 cm
  • Clear acrylic lid with a grade of at least 6 mm
  • All lighting works are of the best regular types, laser and flashing, and are executed with the best technicians and specifications to suit the project.
  • We implement the moving models (mechanical movement) with the remote for special projects



3D Life We specialize in:

  • Cut outs
  • Advertising
  • International business decorations