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04, Apr 2019

The Maquette Industry Revolution

This industry had to revolt and defend itself in the midst of this rapid development, because there is no alternative to it, regardless of the development of 3D modeling art.
Because Maquette is the style and art of advertising for any project or any industrial product
In it, design engineers present their work to business-funded investors, and offer and sell to customers before starting or during implementation.
It is also for students in engineering colleges as a teacher for them to develop their intellectual imaginations and implement them at the lowest costs
The profession of model making (Maquette) is involved in many industries and professions, for example (architecture, advertising, engineering industries, automobile industries ....... etc.).

Maquette materials and specifications used recently.

Blocks, floors and general site details are in German white plastic, with a Daco or plastic spray (as required).
Accessories (people - vehicles - lighting poles - trees - etc ...) of the finest types found in the local and imported markets.
Glass openings of non-transparent mirrors according to the required color (cyan - light fam - light green) and transparent according to the color in the case of the lighting element.
· Show the full general site details in terms of levels and floors according to its raw materials and its division, and the details of the general site coordination of palm trees, trees and crops, in accordance with the scale of the implementation of the model.
Base of the holographic base in contour or beech wood, according to the required design and shape, alumetal frame and black paint.
The cover (disbelief) is made of transparent plastic (acrylic, first degree). The thickness depends on the flat size, not less than 5 mm.
Make the special wooden boxes necessary for storing the model during shipping and transportation to the exhibition places.
The method of work :
A- Use the laser cutting technology to give the finest details.
B- For the first time in the modeling industry (Maquette), they developed the technique of using porcelain for performing complex decorative works, and we are unique in using them.
C- Using the studied lighting to display with the availability of laser lighting with the remote control.
D- The possibility of adding mechanical movement (Maquette) with special specifications.